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Amelia Sisters

Honey Orchid Dan Cong Oolong Tea, 50g

Honey Orchid Dan Cong Oolong Tea, 50g

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Honey Orchid Dan Cong Oolong Tea

  • Boost metabolism, promote weight loss and cardiovascular health by reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce stress, rich in vitamins and minerals

Honey Orchid  Cong is a luxurious, sought-after Oolong tea. For six hundred years, its trees have been deeply rooted in the red earth of Wudong Mountain, dating back to the Song Dynasty. 

Honey Orchid Dan Cong is notorious for its sweet floral aroma and pronounced fruity, honey notes. On top of that, elegant notes of orchids and honey smoothly glide through your palate, leaving behind a fruity sweetness. It is a suitable grade for the traditional Gong Fu Cha brewing method.

The semi-oxidized, rolled leaves encapsulate the natural tea oil to be released in each brew. The care in handpicking each tea leaf ensures a captivating experience.

  • Caffeine Level: Medium 

Brewing Guide: 1 tsp (1.5g) 125ml 20 sec 85°C, add time 5 sec after 4th brew, 6-7 brews.

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