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Laundry Tablets, Concentrated Washing Powder

Laundry Tablets, Concentrated Washing Powder

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Laundry Tablets Laundry Washing Sheet


1. Concentrated formula: Enzyme formula, stronger cleaning power, sweat stains, beverage stains, fruit stains, tea stains, coffee stains can be effectively cleaned.

2. The PH value is close to neutral, and hand washing will not harm the skin.

3. It can eliminate bacteria and mites and prevent the breeding of bacteria.

4. It is suitable for cleaning cotton, linen, synthetic fibers, blends, underwear and other fabrics.

5. With the laundry ball, it can not only clean the clothes but also prevent the clothes from knotting, stick the hair on the clothes, and the cleaning effect is better.

Material: Eco-friendly Paper
Size: Approx 7x11cm
Color: Pink, White
Package included: 30/60/90/120 X Laundry Detergent

Dosage suggestion:

1 piece: 5 to 8 pieces of clothing (less than 3 kg), 3-5 liters of water

2 pieces: 8 to 12 pieces of clothing (about 3-5 kg), 25-30 liters of water

3-4 pieces: 12-18 pieces of clothing (about 6 kg), 35-45 liters of water

When washing clothes, it is recommended to soak with laundry tablets for 10-15 minutes, and the stain removal effect will be better.


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