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Rechargeable Camping LED Flashlight Work Light with Magnet and Hook IP64 Waterproof 5 Lighting Modes Suitable for Night Work

Rechargeable Camping LED Flashlight Work Light with Magnet and Hook IP64 Waterproof 5 Lighting Modes Suitable for Night Work

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• Rechargeable Battery: No need to constantly replace batteries. Simply recharge the flashlight using a USB cable.

• IP64 Waterproof Rating: Can be used in all weather conditions without worrying about water damage.

• 5 Lighting Modes: Adjust the brightness of the flashlight to suit your needs with 5 different lighting modes.

• Magnet and Hook: The flashlight comes with a magnet and hook, making it easy to attach to metal surfaces or carry around.

- 5 Working Modes: High Brightness / Medium Brightness / Front Light / Red Warning / Strobe Red. These 5 different lighting modes can meet your numerous lighting needs
- USB Charging, Li-Ion Battery: Built-in 600 mAh lithium battery, can be used for 1-2 hours IP65 waterproof design, but do not put it in water
- 360 Rotaion: The lighthead can rotate 360 horizontally and can provide multi-angle illumination. Great for car repair, home lighting, power outages, emergency
- Magnetic Base and Swivel Hook: Incorporate a strong magnet firmly adhering to the car or any metal surface, and a swivel hook hidden at the bottom of the work light, easy use for emergency road repairs, work at night or multi-purpose work

Plastic shell wrapped in a layer of carbon black, feel good, non-slip.
Come with a magnet and hook, a Folding design, easy to use in a small space inside.
High cob LED, low cob LED, LED light, red light, flash red light, 5 different lighting modes to meet your lighting needs.
LED bulbs, green energy saving, and environmental protection, the use of longer time.
Built-in battery, you can use the USB cable to charge.

Package Includes:
1 X COB work light

1 X USB charging cable


When the power is insufficient, please charge in time to avoid battery damage caused by transitional discharge

Instructions for use.

1- Before use, please charge the product, this product with USB charging cable, you can use your cell phone adapter to link the charging cable to charge the product.

2- The light body can be turned 180 °, but please do not force too hard to avoid damage to the light body.

3- Press the switch, you can switch a variety of lighting modes, and select the mode you need.

4- The tail has a magnet and hook, you can adsorb on any iron surface, or hang it on the rope, such as the hood of the car, convenient for you to work.



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