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Amelia Sisters

Toothbrush Holder Bath Wall-Mounted Stand Hanger

Toothbrush Holder Bath Wall-Mounted Stand Hanger

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Traceless Toothbrush Holder


1. Safety and environmental protection: Crystal clear glue, strong adhesive, high load bearing, wall adhesive without residue, not easy to fall, the body is made of food-grade ABS material.
2. Wall-mounted storage, ready-to-use, Bottom support design, embracing the curve of the fuselage, ventilation hanging without stains, effectively preventing from breeding and moldy.
3. Convenient cleaning: removable combination design, after long-term use, the base can be removed for cleaning.


Material: Eco-friendly PP
Size: Approx 5X4.3X10CM
Color: White
Package included: 1/2/4 X Toothbrush Holder

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